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Where We Stand

The Lanark Frontenac Kingston Federal Liberal Electoral Association believes in an inclusive and pragmatic party that takes seriously Canada’s social, fiscal and international responsibilities.

  • We believe in policies that unify, not policies that divide.
  • We believe in policy based on evidence, not ideology.
  • We believe in equality of opportunity for all persons and all regions of Canada.
  • We believe in assisting those in need both nationally and internationally.
  • We believe in open debate and the right to express different opinions.
  • We believe in fiscal prudence and investment in our youth, aboriginal peoples, our education system our universal health care system, the arts, infrastructure rural small business, agriculture and regional development.
  • We believe in supporting our international partners in seeking a less violent, greener, more just and equal world.
  • We believe in the Clarity Act, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and an open, transparent, honest compassionate government that respects our parliamentary democracy and its institutions and officers.