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President’s Message

A Better Canada Starts Here

The new federal riding of Lanark Frontenac consists of all of Lanark County and Frontenac County as far south as the 401 Highway. The Lanark Frontenac Federal Liberal Electoral District Association was formed on Jan 18, 2014.

We are Liberals because we believe in policy based on fact, not ideology, we care about the environment, social justice, Canada’s place in the world, sound economic planning, the well-being of all Canadians, egalitarianism and inclusiveness.  We believe in openness and have deep respect for our Parliamentary traditions.  We respect diversity of opinion, and welcome the views of all. We believe in the inherent decency and worthiness of all humans.

The Liberal Party is rebuilding nationally.  We invite you to be a part of that process.  You can get involved by visiting the Federal Liberal website at to share your thoughts and let your voice be heard.

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Philippe Archambault,
Lanark-Frontenac Federal Liberal Association