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About Us

Together We’re Stronger

The history of Canada has been built on one, simple conviction: that we are not many, but one, not a collection of communities, but one great people, bound to each other by the promise of equality, opportunity and justice for all. That, too, is the conviction of the Federal Liberal Party.

Our riding association is committed to promoting the core principles and values that have historically sustained the Liberal Party of Canada – individual freedom, responsibility and human dignity in the framework of a just society. We believe that the dignity of each individual man and woman is the cardinal principle of democratic society.

Liberals believe in government as nation-building, and we have the record to prove it: Medicare,the Canada Pension Plan, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, official bilingualism and multiculturalism, and the best public finances in the world. We summoned up the best in Canadians and together we built the country we love.

Our party has always united Canadians. We are the big tent of Canadian life, where all are welcome and all can be sure their voices will be heard. Our party’s vocation is to strengthen the spine of our citizenship and to deepen the pride we feel for Canada on the world stage.

We respect our differences. We accept our identities. We do not impose one single brand of patriotism. We let our citizens decide. And that’s why we offer you a warm invitation to join with us, to become a part of your local Federal Liberal Association, to allow your voice to be heard and to work with us for a stronger, more responsible and caring government. Most definitely, we are stronger together.

Our Mission

To send a Liberal Member of Parliament to Ottawa who will represent Lanark Frontenac’s interests in achieving social justice, promoting fiscal responsibility and advocating fairness, tolerance and equality or opportunity for all citizens.

Our People

The Lanark-Frontenac Federal Liberal Association exists due to the efforts of a strong dedicated team of volunteers and members. Working in a number of areas including, outreach, election readiness, fundraising, communications and policy. Our goal is to build and engage the membership and to advocate on behalf of Liberal principles and values.

What is the purpose of a Riding Association?

The purpose of the local Riding Association is to work to get a Liberal Member of Parliament elected and re-elected. Candidates come and go, but Riding Associations go on forever and need to be supported.

Between elections, the Riding Association should carry the Liberal message of fairness, tolerance and equality of opportunity to voters.

What are the responsibilities of the Riding Association?

To keep an up-to-date membership list, and identify and recruit new members. To raise funds for the Riding Association to mount a successful campaign and ensure the funds are properly administered and spent.

The Riding Association is made up of members who elect an Executive Committee and vote to select a candidate who will carry the Liberal message during an election.

What does the Executive Committee of the Riding Association do?

The Executive Committee meets on a regular basis to carry on the business of the Riding Association; approve spending of funds; organize local events to keep Liberal presence alive, and recruit new members; and send out a regular newsletter and communications to members.

What commitment are you making when you become a member of your local Riding Association, and what are the benefits?

The choice is yours. Should you decide to become a member, you may be invited to help in whatever capacity you feel comfortable. There is no expectation that you will wish to do any more than be a card-carrying member of your local Liberal Association. Your vote at election time is your most precious gift.

You join a group of people who believe they can make a difference. You get to be among the few who decide who the local candidate will be, or who vote to elect a Party Leader. This is true grassroots democracy in action! You are invited to any local events — some free and some fundraising efforts — to meet with other Liberal supporters and Members of Parliament.

The Liberal Party is a big tent. There is room for everybody!

Join us today and help ensure the next Member of Parliament from Lanark, Frontenac is a Liberal MP!

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